Buyer Preferences

By printing, filling out this form and faxing it to me I will be better able to help you find the home that you're looking for! Fax number - (704) 631-3211
Home Phone________________Work Phone_______________Mobile Phone_____________
E-mail Address________________Fax Number_____________
1. Area_____________________________________________ _________________________________________________
2. New home, resale or either_______________________
3. Formal Living Room, Great Room or both________________
4. Maximum Age of Home__________
5. Siding Preference (if any)__________________________
6. Formal Dining Room_______________
7. Home Office or Den__________________
8. Rec Room, Bonus or Playroom_______________
9. Kitchen/Breakfast room_______________
10. Deck or Patio_______________________
11. Garage or Carport____________________
12. Fireplace___________________________
13. # of Bedrooms_____________Master Down_________
14. # of Baths__________________________
15. Approximate Square Footage___________
16. Price Range_________________________
17. Swim Club__________________________
18. Single Family Home_______ Condo/Townhouse________Land_______
19. Style (2 story, ranch)__________________
20. Additional___________________________________

21. Would prefer to work with a Buyer's agent? ______________Have you read Buyer Agent vs Seller Agent(link in articles at bottom of home page)?___________
22. How much cash do you plan to use for a down payment? _______
23. Have you had a credit report pulled within the past year to check for errors that can cause potential problems in obtaining a loan? ________
24. Have been pre-approved by a lender? ______If so, who_________________________For what amt? __________
25. Gross monthly income _____________ Total monthly payment on recurring debt (ex. Car loans, credit cards, school loans) ____________________
26. If we find the property that fits your needs, how soon will you be ready to close? ________________
27. If you currently own a home, do you need to sell and close on that home in order to purchase your new home_________?
28. Do you have a home you need to sell? ________Has it been put on the market? _______Is it listed with a Real Estate agent? _______
29. If you were planning to movie to Charlotte and have a home to sell, would you like assistance finding an agent thru a referral? ______How soon do you plan to relocate? __________

Jo Ann Doyle
Jo Ann Doyle
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